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Rallying together some of Sweden’s best business advisers for #1000busyhours

We help startups get to the next stage and tap into the wonders of the Swedish tech scene. Normally, entrepreneurs come to us. This time, we’ll come to you. During 1000 busy hours, some of Sweden's most experienced business advisers are coming together to coach startup entrepreneurs all across Sweden. If you're an entrepreneur with a scalable business idea, one of those hours is for you. At no cost, and with no strings attached.

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Here's how to get your free hour of advice

We're giving away 1000 hours of business advice over the span of 1000 hours. Our business advisers have collectively more than 630 years of experience scaling different kinds of startups, so regardless of what field you're in, we can help.

1. Pick your need

Choose your area of need from the categories below. You'll then be redirected to the next page to choose your business advisor.

2. Pick your advisor

Each advisor has a specific set of expertise, so make sure to find the one that works best for you.

3. Schedule your free hour

Choose a time from the available hours and you're ready to go! You'll get a confirmation email and your business developer will call you shortly before the meeting on the number you've specified.


Choose your area of need from the options below. You'll then be redirected to the next page where you'll choose your advisor and schedule your hour of free business advice.

Hear from those who've come before you

The people behind #1000busyhours have already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with everything from recruiting and fundraising to marketing and global expansion. Hear from some of the entrepreneurs on how they've benefited from working with the business advisers in the past.

The support we’ve received ranges from brainstorming ideas to business and financial advice, and also finding potential customers and partners. This community has played a massive role in taking Next Step Dynamics from a concept to a marketable product.

Next Step Dynamics

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Through the Smile incubator we met with numerous investors and were able to gather the kind of feedback we needed to take our business to the next stage. Building a company is hard. Having the right network and support from people who have done it before helps.


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The incubator helped us with office space, computers, software, contacts and experience. We landed a deal with Sony Playstation, and today we’re 50 people making just the games we want to do.

Tarsier Studio

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Our business adviser played a big role in helping us pivoting towards a business model that made more sense for us. We secured some huge deals during our time in the Minc incubator and got the right connections to investors, customers and hires through the Minc network.

My Esteeme

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Who we are and what we do

When we don’t advise startups, we host events, talks and skillshare sessions - all free of charge. Sign up to our newsletters to get the latest events and news straight to your inbox. We promise to never spam you, or share your data with third parties.

Innovation Skåne supports innovators and entrepreneurs who develop new ideas that solve global challenges, create new jobs and make the world a better place. Business advice is provided to entrepreneurs free of charge in all industries, with a particular focus on health, materials and lighting.

Visit Innovation Skåne online

SmiLe is a business incubator within life science, based in Medicon Village in Lund. SmiLe helps startups to commercialise new ideas within life sciences, such as pharma, medtech, eHealth and probiotics. The SmiLe facilities also host well-equipped laboratories and advanced instrumentation.

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Minc was set up in 2002 as one of Sweden’s first incubator programs. Since then, it’s grown into a fully-fledged startup house - apart from the incubator, Minc also hosts the award-winning accelerator Fast Track Malmo, Startup Labs, and a coworking space.

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​Ideon Innovation is a greenhouse for new ideas, located in the heart of Ideon Science Park. For the past two decades, Ideon Innovation's exceptional business advisers have helped hundreds of startups to reach their full potential.

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Apart from hosting an incubator, Blekinge Business Incubator invests in startups through their investment fund, and helps entrepreneurs with product development, marketing, sales, fundraising and international growth strategies.

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Frequently asked questions

What is #1000busyhours?

#1000busyhours is an initiative where five startup-supporting organisations in southern Sweden have joined forces to offer 1000 hours of free business advice to entrepreneurs with scalable business ideas, all across Sweden. The sessions are held over the phone, as and when it fits the entrepreneur.

Who is behind #1000busyhours?

#1000busyhours is financed by the European Regional Development Fund, and has been implemented by five startup-supporting organisations in southern Sweden. With more than 630 years of experience between them, they have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. #1000busyhours is part of the incubators quest to help even more entrepreneurs to get even further.

How does #1000busyhours work?

Entrepreneurs with scalable business ideas sign up for their hour here - the automated form will match the entrepreneur with the organisation and business adviser that has most experience in that specific field. The business adviser will then call the entrepreneur at a designated time.

Why are you doing this?

The organisations behind #1000busyhours launched the campaign to support growth and innovation across Sweden. The business advisers are experts at making businesses scale faster - they have previously helped more than 500 startups to scale, and coached them in raising more than 2bn SEK in just a few years. In the organisations' quest to fuel innovation and growth, they're making their expertise available to anyone with a scalable business idea.

Who can sign up for an hour of business advice?

Anyone in Sweden with a scalable and innovative business idea can sign up for an hour of free business advice. If you want more than one hour, you're of course more than welcome to apply to one of the incubator organisations that are behind #1000busyhours.

How much does it cost to access an hour of business advice?

Nothing - the organisations behind #1000busyhours pick up the bill. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

How many hours can I access through #1000busyhours?

One - but you’re of course welcome to apply for one of the incubator programs if you feel one hour isn't enough. The incubators behond #1000busyhours specialise in everything from pharma and medtech to fintech and SaaS. Whatever fast-growing business you're building, the incubator organisations will be able to help.

Who are your business advisers?

The business advisers behind #1000busyhours have worked with fast-growing businesses for more than 630 years between them. They're the people who coached, advised and worked with businesses like Hövding, Orbital Systems, Parkster and Apsis.

How long is the campaign running for?

#1000busyhours is running for 1000 hours, so you can book your hour of free business advice up until July 3rd, 06.00 CEST.